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Once, Igor Vorobey said:” Barcelona is a city that is so sunny and so multicultural and it gives me so much creativity and ideas, I am filled with joy!”

Barcelona has the same love for Igor, which is why it will be hosting, together with BEGEMOT gallery, his exhibition on Thursday the 25th of June.

Igor was born in Uzbekistan, grew up in Germany, studied in Russia. He currently lives and seriously engaged in photography in Spain. He has published poetry, worked in newspapers and implemented a set of author's photo projects. Always inspired by female beauty:

“The project “City of Women” is my author’s view of Barcelona as a city with a female face and character. It is controlled by a woman and all the lifestyles of people here in Spain, and it is pointing a bright feminist style. My project came from my emotions and from the perception of this fact. I have always been inspired by Women's Beauty: Barcelona and beautiful semi-naked women are the perfect combination!

For the past two decades, artists had the courage to promote the art of nudity. Where are we today in terms of promoting and celebrating the beauty of the body?

“In the modern world and of course art, as a reflection of society, femininity and masculinity are gradually mixed up and no longer obey the old laws. Now everything is possible! But I, as a person born in the USSR and who lived 47 years in a world where “FEMININE” was characteristic of Women, and “COURAGE” to men, as before, I perceive this reality in this way. And I transmit it through my work.”

As a population, we were warned that we will live “New normal”, that we will have to adjust to new rules and regulations. Can this “New normal” change the perception of art?

“The future is a continuous path of development and change. I believe in the spiral concept of reforms, I believe that in 50 years everything will return to the rules that were yesterday. Art is beyond fashion, but it’s a lie because people either like it or not. And the only FASHIONABLE becomes popular.”

Igor’s exhibition will be open until July 20th in Begemot gallery.

“I know the БEGEMOT gallery for a long time, as space where taste, fashion, classic and outrageous are in creative harmony. I will continue to cooperate with Margarita with pleasure!”

Join us on Thursday, June 25th

Begemot gallery

C/Trafalgar 56


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