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TKANA.UA is a Ucranian loomwork brand, original project of Lviv designer Maryana Priymak.

TKANA.UA is a crafty brand with expressive artistic features and prevailing principle of spontaneous inspired creativity. This is a distinctive view of the time, persistence of generations, movement and growth where one idea develops into the subsequent one. Here the traditional longstanding techniques of handwaving get new life in creation of picturesque textile paintings, artistic objects that correspond to the spirit of modern age.

TKANA.UA product is aimed at people who look for high quality product, keep up the traditions and are art collectors. Because each TKANA.UA product is a piece of art fed by tradition.

TKANA.UA costumers are organic materials lovers - confortable in tactile terms and permanently topical - wool, cotton, flax, silk.

 Desfile de TKANA.UA en Begemot Art & Fashion gallery
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