Yana Myronova

Yana Myronova is a designer from Ukraine. currently living in Barcelona, Spain. 

She was studying fashion design in the College of Light Industry in Ukraine. Then she continued education in IED Barcelona (course validated by Westminster, graduated in 2018). She is in love with searching for new shapes and volumes. She likes to create personal fabric manipulations and embroideries. She converts all her imagination, knowledge and passion into the garments she does. It is important for her to show uniqueness and quality in everything she does. In her final collection she was doing Leather cut, with creating manipulation with cords (covering them with leather), embroidery with different beads and sequins.


Barcelona style has been at the heart of Yana's last collections.

More than an image, it is an invitation to escape. That of a woman who dreams of being "An elegant Rebel ", a unique of a world full of unknowns and unexpected encounters, sometimes with herself. Between Barcelona and the infinite, we seek the delicate balance between «past and future» to awaken our soul and not get lost in the frenetic rhythm of the city.

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Trafalgar 56, 

08010 Barcelona


Tel: + 34 662189005


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