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"La Adivina"



Unic piece



Antonio Abellan 
(1964, Cartagena – Spain)


Antonio Abellán began his professional artistic career in 1990, same year that he finished his studies in Valencia at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos, he began working with the Isabel Bolbao Gallery. This same year the Community of Murcia awarded him its Plastic Arts scholarship.


He has exhibited in Spain since 1987 and regularly in Germany since 2000. His work has been exhibited in art fairs all over Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Germany. In addition to Begemot Art Gallery in Barcelona, Isabel Bilbao Gallery in Alicante and Berlin, he also works with Galerie Fries in Dusseldorf and Zons, Gallery Different in London.


The technique of his works is the result of personal research. He paints through transparent layers and opaque areas, using varied textures and trinkets on canvases or boards that he personally prepared, giving the work a clean, bright and very original finish, ultimately creating an exclusive and personal language.


Antonio Abellan "LA ADIVINA"

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