Brand of modern raw elegance

K M by L A N G E is a creative design studio based between Barcelona and Kyiv.
All items are crafted out of quality materials from European suppliers and handcrafted by women for women in Ukraine by carefully selected manufacturers. 
K M by L A N G E is concerned for the right compensation for all women artisans involved in. 
The first collection launched in 2016 will be sold online and in some marketplaces. 
We consider that our outfits are an important part of the message a woman gives with her look. We design our collections to bring beauty and aesthetic which permits a woman to define her own style regardless of other people says. 
Fashion moves fast but we don´t. We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace. 
Less items, possibly, but better...

The whole collection presents a woman in an extremely delicate and personal way. 
We believe that each woman is different and totally unique, there is no stereotypes, our aim was to create cloth for standout personalities. We believe in raw elegance and forms, black and nude colors which create a sensitive metaphor to describe effortless attraction and sensibility. 
The silhouettes of our first collection were influenced by the concept of carefree attitude, dynamic lifestyle and modern feminine delicacy.
All pieces in the collection permits to build blocks, so you can adapt different pieces in totally different looks. The fabric in the collection range from organic linen, wool to neopren, denim is also represented in some pieces.  
The whole collection is totally handmade by women, is defined by a special attention to details and hand-stitched finishings.


Trafalgar 56, 

08010 Barcelona


Tel: + 34 662189005

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