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gigi mariani

(Modena, Italia 1967)

"I have always been fascinated by the infinite potential that metals offer and the opportunity of transforming their original properties and aspect in order to stretch the scope of what can be achieved.

I avail myself of antique goldsmith techniques that have almost fallen into disuse, such as niello and granulation, personalizing them in order to give my work a distinctive character. I work with precious metals, combining them with other metals such as iron, copper and brass.
I apply niello to the surface of the metal so that it is completely covered. In this way, the preciousness of the metal disappears leaving way to a dark, rough surface. Through the use of heat, I achieve cracks and clots resulting in surfaces that seem battered and ill-treated, resembling ancient relics.
My work is based on spontaneity and instinct. I try to transfer everyday emotions into my jewellery in an impulsive way. This method allows me to develop works that are unique and sculptural. I endeavor to use the same sort of approach as I do when painting and often treat the surface of the metal as a canvas. This instinctive approach is counteracted by the precise, geometric forms that I use, whereby everything seems to be brought back into place."

Gigi Mariani

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