Break Head


The brand inspiration comes from the phenomenon of ART, MUSIC and MODERN world consolidation, as exactly these 3 pillars in conjunction can lead to harmony.

This very fragile, invisible, but yet perceived balance lets us with help of fashion to express ourselves as unique individuals, be ourselves, and, what is most important, encourage self love. Fashion can be an irreplaceable mean of self expression, as exactly using our own style, we can out-stand, combine the uncombinable and be complete.

The unique creations of Break Head brand let us find the consensus in between traditions and fast - changing modern world, what seems, to the first sight, impossible. Though, precisely when balancing, a man can find and maintain his personality.

Patterns, used by the designer, are emphasising the benefits of one´s stature, whereas the metamorphoses of some apparel elements help to add an exclusive nuance to the style. 


Break Head is following up with the trend of sustainability, for this reason, designer always chooses the eco materials in the collection creation processes. 


Trafalgar 56, 

08010 Barcelona


Tel: + 34 662189005

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